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Cerakote® Texas Flag CTK-1 OTF Knife


This CobraTec Large Cerakote Texas Flag knife handle is made of zinc-aluminum alloy that has been custom cerakoted. Every knife has a D-2 blade available in tanto, dagger, or drop point with either serrated or straight edges. Customize your CobraTec knife by choosing the handle color, point style, and blade edge! Every knife features a pocket clip engraved with our logo, a glass breaker for emergencies, and includes a nylon sheath.

CobraTec Knives, LLC supplies quality and affordable OTF (out the front) custom knives. An OTF knife has a blade stored inside the handle which is deployed by a switch. Every CobraTec knife is double action, so the blade is retracted by the same switch. Our knives have smooth mechanisms and quality blades. An OTF is perfect to carry as an everyday knife because of its compact size and functionality. Every CobraTec knife has a Lifetime Warranty, so you can rest assured that you are purchasing a quality knife that will last a lifetime.

Large: 9.5" total length, 5.75" handle, 3.75" blade

Medium: 8" total length, 5" handle, 3" blade 

Small: 7" total length, 4.25" handle, 2.75" blade

CobraTec Knives LLC has no affiliation with Cerakote® or NIC Industries, Inc. Cerakote® is a registered trademark and a division of NIC Industries, Inc.

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