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Welcome to Tipsy's & Co.

Welcome to the new brand of Beardsman Supply

Our journey has taken a new direction. In order to reach new customers and serve our existing customers even better than before, we have joined with another company to bring you Tipsy's & Co. We will still offer great beard care products along with an all new shaving line and eventually hair and skin products. We are also starting with better prices and a new subscription service to save you even more. Subscriptions regularly save you 10% and will be fully customizable at any time to make it convenient if you like to switch up scents month to month. Below you'll find an exclusive coupon code that will save you an additional 10%, making subscriptions 20% off!

Our product line will include minor changes:

  • 3 scents available at launch. Same scent and base oil as before with Vintage getting an upgrade in smell. The other 3 scents will come back in the future with new ones planned.
  • Beard wash is only available in Filthy(spearmint) scent at launch. Dirty(peppermint) will be available in the future.
  • Beard combs and brushes have been redesigned.
  • Beardsman boxes have been discontinued, instead we've opted to use awesome printed mailer boxes for orders containing 4-5 or more products.
  • Whisker Wax will be available again the future.


Start by visiting to sign up for important updates and announcements. The full website launches at 9am CST November 1st with beard care. Our shave line offering shave butter, aftershave, handles, razor cartridges, body wash, and roll on cologne will be available November 27th. Also follow Tipsy's & Co. on Facebook and Instagram, links below.


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Thank you for your support! Any questions can be sent to